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Keith D. Lindor, MDBy Keith Lindor, MD, FAASLD
AASLD President

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AASLD is pleased to announce the journal Impact Factors for 2015 which were released earlier this week. We congratulate our current Editors-in-Chief of HEPATOLOGY and Liver Transplantation, Michael Nathanson, MD, PhD, and Paul Martin, MD, respectively, for creating what we consider to be the most vibrant journals in our field. The Impact Factor for HEPATOLOGY is now 11.711, an increase from its 2014 Impact Factor of 11.055. In 2014, HEPATOLOGY was fifth in the Gastroenterology/Hepatology category, This year’s Impact Factor has moved us from fifth to fourth place behind the same top three journals in the only category in which HEPATOLOGY is listed.

The Impact Factor for Liver Transplantation decreased slightly from 4.241 to 3.951. It is listed in three categories. Here are its 2015 standings in those categories:

  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology: 18/78    
  • Surgery: 11/199      
  • Transplantation: 5/25

AASLD is pleased with the Impact Factors of our traditional journals; we realize, however, that the value of publishing is more than any single metric. In addition to the Impact Factor, measures such as the Immediacy Index and 5-Year Impact Factor shed light on a journal’s importance. The Eigenfactor (, which rates the total importance of a scientific journal, for example, is a completely different metric in which HEPATOLOGY compares favorably to its competitors in 2015.The Impact Factor is calculated by dividing citations in that year by the number of source items (scholarly publications) from the two previous years. HEPATOLOGY received 9533 citations in 2015 to source items published in 2014 and 2013. To put this into context, Gastroenterology received 8766 and the Journal of Hepatology received 6534 total citations in 2015 to source items published in 2014 and 2013.  

  • Gastroentrology: 0.13206    
  • Hepatology: 0.11743    
  • Journal of Hepatology: 0.07599    
  • Gut: 0.06519

Lastly, AASLD feels strongly about offering its membership an opportunity to publish its best work in our journals. The 2015 acceptance rate for original manuscripts accepted by HEPATOLOGY and Liver Transplantation was 14 and 26 percent, respectively. By the end of 2016, AASLD will publish a new Open Access journal entitled Hepatology Communications. We will send numerous announcements and solicitations for manuscripts as that editorial team prepares itself to receive and review your manuscripts.