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Media Contacts / Press Information 

Chief Communications Officer
Greg Bologna

Senior Manager, Publications
Ann Haran

Media Notice
AASLD welcomes the members of the trade press and other media to AASLD scientific educational meetings and the The Liver Meeting® of AASLD. We support the efforts of the media in helping disseminate the important medical, educational, and other information imparted during this event.

In carrying out your activities, we must insist that you respect two fundamental principles.

  1. First, there is a significant difference between legitimate reporting and simple summarization. AASLD itself publishes a proceedings manual for those interested in that type of document.
  2. Second, any article or other report on the AASLD scientific educational meetings and The Liver Meeting® may not be presented in a manner that creates any confusion regarding any association between the reporting entity and AASLD. That is, it must be clear that the article is being provided by the media entity, and not directly or indirectly by AASLD.

Thank you in advance for abiding by these simple but important and inviolate rules. If you have any questions regarding their application, do not hesitate to contact Ann Haran, Senior Manager, Publications.

If you are a freelance journalist, a statement from the Managing Editor or equivalent of a trade publication, mainstream media outlet (newspaper, radio, television, etc.), or an online magazine stating that you will be covering the event on behalf of that particular media outlet.

In lieu of such statement, please send us a published story you have written on a scientific, technical, or medical subject. If you are employed full time on an editorial staff, please fax or email us the masthead of the publication.